Paleis Het Loo | Tours and audio tour

Tours and audio tour

You can visit the palace and gardens on your own. But if you would like to hear the stories behind the history and interesting snippets of information, we recommend a tour with an experienced guide or an audio tour! Reserve a group tour with a guide exclusively for your group in English. 

Guided tours are given exclusively by the guides of Paleis Het Loo.

Guided tours for groups

A guided tour for groups is possible in Dutch, English, German and French from Tuesday to Sunday, except on public holidays. Book your guided tour or audio tour online. Not wheelchair accessible.

Palace Tour75 min.Oct. to April
Garden Tour50 min.May to Sept.
Botanic Tour50 min.May to Sept.



The price of a guided tour or an audio tour is € 3.00 p.p., entrance fee excluded. For a group guided tour, a minimum fee of € 25.00 applies.

Palace Tour

King’s Tour

Members of the Oranje dynasty have lived at Paleis Het Loo for more than 300 years. What began as a hunting lodge for a stadtholder grew into a palace fit for a king. Every Oranje furnished the palace to his or her taste and according to the fashion of the time. Guests would stroll in the gardens and dine from beautiful dinner services. The guide will take you on a detailed tour and tell you about the palace’s rich past and its residents. You will visit all the rooms in the palace.

You are given a potted history by our guide of the story of the first residents of Paleis Het Loo, King-Stadtholder Willem III and Queen Mary. You will visit the rooms of this royal couple and make a short visit to the palace garden.

Garden Tour

Botanic Tour

The 17th-century baroque gardens of Paleis Het Loo are world famous. A symmetrical garden with impressive fountains and garden statues. During this tour you will learn everything about how the residents used to enjoy themselves in the palace gardens.

For the genuine garden lover, Paleis Het Loo has a special Botanic Tour. The tour delves deeper in everything to do with the gardens. You will receive information about the rare flowers and plants in the palace gardens and will see how history has always provided the background for the plants that are here now.

audio tour

With headphones, you can enjoy a journey along all the furnished rooms in the palace. Available in Dutch, English, German and French. The audio tour is handed out until 3.30 pm and lasts 60 to 90 minutes. It is possible to reserve an audio tour for groups.

Suitable for wheelchairs.