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Paleis Het Loo is a national brand with royal allure. With more than 400,000 visitors per year, Paleis Het Loo is one of the larger attractions in the Netherlands. Most of the Dutch have warm feelings for the palace because of the rich Oranje history it shows. But exhibitions such as Grace Kelly, Sisi and Royal Showpieces also attract many enthusiastic visitors. A collaboration with Paleis Het Loo is a perfect way of expressing your cultural involvement and, at the same time, to profit from it. Paleis Het Loo benefits from any form of financial support. A contribution, large or small, it always more than welcome.



For Paleis Het Loo, sponsoring is a ‘brand-to-brand’ approach. The guiding principle is that both brands must reinforce each other. That is why we always approach sponsoring as something customised.

For more information, please contact the Marketing & Communications department, 055 – 577 24 48 or



Paleis Het Loo is supported by the BankGiro Loterij, the leading cultural lottery in the Netherlands. When you participate in this lottery, you have the chance of winning fantastic prizes at each draw. What’s more, half of your stake goes directly to around 70 cultural organisations, including Paleis Het Loo.

Buy a lottery ticket and support Paleis Het Loo!

Donations, legacies and testamentary dispositions are important for Paleis Het Loo. Especially in the area of collection acquisitions. Paleis Het Loo enjoys an ANBI [organisation for the general good] status and is thus exempt from gift and inheritance tax (RSIN [Legal Entities and Partnerships Identification Number] number: 8028 84 374). Your gift will be used in its entirety for the benefit of the museum.

There are various types of gifts and legacies. You can donate money, but a work of art can also be a donation. This can also result in a tax benefit.

  • You can make a periodical donation with tax benefits; for this, you must fix your periodical donation for five years in a private agreement. This means that the total sum that you donate is 100% deductible for taxation purposes, regardless of the size of the amount you donate annually.
  • A one-off donation can be deducted from your taxable annual income. The size of this deduction depends on the level of your income.

Would you like further information about what your tax benefit could be? It is laid down in the Gift and Inheritance Tax Act that came into force in 2012.