Paleis Het Loo | Secondary education

Secondary education

Pupils of all ages and educational levels are welcome in and around Paleis Het Loo for a programme of lessons. We offer special programmes for history, cultural and art studies, in which, during the pupils visit to the palace, the focus is on art and heritage.  There are also various possibilities for the lower secondary professional education that reflect their professional direction. In all these programmes, the pupils acquire knowledge in an active way about the unique life of royalty in the Netherlands.

Each programme has a preparatory and concluding lesson in class with lesson material that is supplied by the Education Department of Paleis Het Loo. During the visit to Paleis Het Loo, the group is under the supervision of an enthusiastic and competent museum teacher.


Cultural and art education

The time of regents and monarchs

Does King-Stadtholder Willem III belong to the lesson method alongside Louis XIV? The time of regents and monarchs comes to life in Paleis Het Loo. In the palace and gardens, pupils search for evidence of worldwide trade contacts and the struggle for absolute power.

Duration of the visit: 60 minutes


A palace in Apeldoon

The life of royalty in your own environment: at Paleis Het Loo, pupils are informed about current subjects that, in the past, were just that bit different. They will find answers to questions such as: “How did the ancestors of King Willem-Alexander live?”

Duration of the visit: 60 minutes

Museumdocent met groep hogeschool_1

Art subjects

Engineering, care and green

Paleis Het Loo as museum of art

Paleis Het Loo has a remarkable collection of art from the 17th up to and including the 19th century. Paintings, furniture and other art objects tell the story about art movements and the taste of the Oranges throughout the centuries.

Duration of the visit: 60-90 minutes

Working in a palace garden

What matters have to be considered when designing a royal garden? And how do you take care of a palace garden? Take a peek behind the scenes of the garden department.

Duration of the visit: 60-90 minutes


In order to ensure that school visits are planned properly, we would ask you to notify us of your school visit