Paleis Het Loo | ‘Open, just not as usual’

‘Open, just not as usual’

During the 2018-2020 renovation and expansion works, Paleis Het Loo will be ‘Open, just not as usual’. The main building is closed to the public, but the gardens, stables and restaurants are open from April to September and over the Christmas holidays. There is a special programme of events during these months. Visitors will be able to see the construction underway from the palace roof.

You are most welcome during this ‘Open, just not as usual’ period!



Prince and Princesses days

Concours d'Élegance

View from the roof!

Children's activities

September Garden Month

Spirit of Winter

Winter Paleis Het Loo

Ice skating at Paleis Het Loo

IJsbaan bij Winterpaleis Het Loo

restaurant Balzaal

grand café Prins Hendrik Garage