Paleis Het Loo | We Willem

We Willem

to 27 April 2014

The kings that created the Netherlands.

Paleis Het Loo’s new show ‘We Willem, the kings that created the Netherlands’ is an innovative concept of exhibition-making, a multimedia object theatre that will be open to visitors as of 19 October. Multimedia presentations, theatrical effects and film scenes are being used in an entirely fresh way to tell the story of the lives of the kings, Willem I, II and III, and the role they played in the establishment of the monarchy and the creation of the Netherlands. This special project was made possible thanks to the participants in the BankGiro Loterij.


On the occasion of the bicentenary of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 2013 Paleis Het Loo is presenting the history of three of the country’s kings, Willem I, II and III, their era and their role in the history of the royal house in the Netherlands. Who were Willem I, II and III? What were their ambitions and dreams and what was their relationship to the political world and the people at large?

The history of the kingdom of the Netherlands will be brought to life in different ways in various rooms of the west wing of Paleis Het Loo. Visitors walk from scene to scene depicting life at court in the 19th century. Having been introduced to the kings and their contemporaries, members of the public take a seat in a small theatre for a multimedia presentation of the first period of the monarchy: the arrival of Willem I in Scheveningen, the battle of Waterloo, the secession of Belgium, the creation of the Netherlands, the marriage of Willem II. Parts of the collection are incorporated into the show alongside new and existing visual materials. Visitors then walk over a bridge to the view the second half of the 19th century; the adoption of the constitution, the death of King Willem II and the reign of King Willem III. Queen Emma takes viewers by the hand in the last room in the transition to the modern version of the monarchy.

On the top floor visitors can see the palace travel studio with craft activities, quizzes and games. A lesson package is available designed for primary school children in groups 7/8.


The concept and design of ‘We Willem, meet the kings that created the Netherlands’ was developed in collaboration with Di Colore & Bardet design. Brandwacht & Meijer, Lichtpunt and MAV Techniek are responsible for the implementation.