Paleis Het Loo | Chapeaux! Hats of Queen Beatrix

Chapeaux! Hats of Queen Beatrix

23 March to 27 August 2017

From 23 March 2017 museum Paleis Het Loo will be showing the exhibition ‘Chapeaux! Hats of Queen Beatrix’. The reign of Queen Beatrix is illustrated by more than a hundred hats.


Queen Beatrix

queen and milliner

 During her reign, that lasted 33 years from 1980 to 2013, Queen Beatrix always wore  hats at many special occasions: during state visits, receptions, countless openings and award ceremonies, at the official opening of the Dutch parliament and on Queen’s Day. The many hats created a recognisable and familiar image for the monarch and became part of her ‘representative work outfit’.


In the exhibition, creations by milliners Harry Scheltens, Emy Bloemheuvel and Suzanne Moulijn are given a central position, and these are combined with pictures of the occasions on which they were worn. The hat is never an isolated accessory, but is always chosen, designed and coloured in combination with the rest of the outfit, frequently in close consultation between queen and milliner. The hats show a surprisingly wide range of possibilities in colour, material, decoration and a creative play between line and shape.


The exhibition

 The exhibition ‘Chapeaux! Hats of Queen Beatrix’  has been designed by Maarten Spruyt and Tsur Reshef and is organised in collaboration with the Royal Collections of the Netherlands, administered by the Royal Archives in The Hague.

A surcharge of € 3.00 p.p. applies for this exhibition.